Thursday, October 18, 2012

Redecorated Dressing Room

This tiny room sits off our small master bath in our century home. And yes, I am thankful we have a master bath in a home that dates back to 1856! I recently redecorated this room (again!) but I am finally happy with it along with a little added storage and some extra towel hooks! (And yes that is a Christmas pillow- but don't tell!)

My favorite things in this room:

Vintage laundry bin to hold towels
Platter I stenciled with a blue bird
Madeover Blue washed bench
Wall shelf revamped with hooks
White washed dresser for toiletries
My stenciled damask walls

And the question of the day:
Do I stencil the center of the drawers on the white washed dresser with numbers? 1,2,3,4,5

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pillow Project

These pillows were sewn together with grey hem stitch napkins found at TJ Maxx. I embellished them with rosettes I made from wool felt. I am trying to infuse this brick red color into the room as an accent color since the brick around the fireplace is this color!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Entry Inspiration

I LOVE this entryway! Makes me want to get rid of our century old wallpaper and paint the top of our banister! HMMM!!

Loving the blue velvet and the lamp on that gorgeous side table!
I especially like the wall color and floor!
 I sense an entry way makeover brewing!

(Thanks Emily from JDC for sharing this image with us!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pretty In Pink Side Table Makeover

This sweet distressed side table was quite pretty and shabby in its original white state.
However, we needed to give this a bit of color for the "new" girls' room to contrast
the tan walls. I matched the pink paint to a color in one of the pillow shams used in the room.  I went to home depot and got a quart of eggshell Behr paint in Powdered Blush.
I decided to keep the drawers white to keep the piece a bit more interesting and girly! After 2 coats of pink, I re-distressed the table with a fine/medium sand paper block ($2 from Walmart)
and then sealed it with a coat of Clear Briwax (my new favorit product!)
I will be showing you this darling table in its resting spot when I do the big reveal!

And this chair got painted pink, too! 
(I did not take a before shot, but found a shot of the side table here in all white)

Stay tuned for more projects and the official reveal!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Light Fixture Make Over

 Our home was built around 1880. This fixture has never been replaced. It is a bit charming, but a bit stark when you turn the light on.  Since I was making over my girls' bedroom, I thought about replacing the fixture completely, but then I had a brilliant idea!
 I had found this large linen looking drum style lamp shade at Walmart and wondered if I could wire it to the little nub in the center of this light fixture...which may be hard to see!
 And Guess What! It fit around the bulbs perfectly and attached with just a bit of floral wire! A $15 Vintage Light Fixture Makeover!
Now it looks like I installed a Pendant Style Fixture...So Classy!

I will be posting more on this bedroom makeover soon! But at least you get the sneak peak!

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