Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gray Mirage

If you need to find that "perfect" gray....

I highly recommend Gray Mirage by Benjamin Moore in an Eggshell finish. 

By the way, this is the only brand of paint I will ever use for now on! 
It truly is the best of the best... and believe me, 
I have painted a LOT and have tried a LOT of different brands. 
Also note my bird is still wet...an eggshell finish is not that shiney!

This gray is so subtle and can take on different shades of white depending on the light.
I painted my daughter's nursery with this color.

Notice how different this color can look...so versitile...
I bet if I painted each room in my house with it, 
each room would look totally different! 
And actually, I would not mind doing that!!

After getting inspired by this post at Burlap Luxe on Bohemian Spirit
I got out my leftover Gray Mirage paint...and now I can't stop!! 

I will have to take some pics of how I use these refreshed pieces!
By the way, I have purchased Dore's Sanctuary Bird Sign from her Etsy Shoppe
for my dressing room!

This Photo was taken by Dore Callaway from Burlap Luxe

When I get it hung, I will take lots of pics!!


  1. very pretty color. love the nursery.



  2. Your daughter's nursery is absolute perfection! J'adore the color combination of quiet gray and colorful graphic pink bed!

  3. very pretty color, I have been looking for a good gray, I will have to give it a try :)

  4. Lisa, I am honored that you mention me in your post. What a wonderful gray, as I paint in lots of these gray to whites to creams and I will try your gray color on a job. If you talk so highly then I will trust that I too will love it as well.

    Your sign will be interesting on how you post it I cannot wait to see it in your dressing room. Of course the one you purchased off my etsy will look a bit different due to the fact that they are all hand painted and your twigs are a bit heavier.

    Thank you dear one, I am going back to take in more of your sweet little ones room design and more of your postings :)

  5. I love the nursery, so sweet!

  6. Oh I want one ofmthose sanctuary signs! Can't wait to were more painted finds!

  7. I love it!
    Grey is a great color on walls. It allows you to go in any direction with your decor and it will still look stunning.

    Love the nursery!

  8. Geesh.....sorry I can't spell tonight, lisa lol!

  9. I love this color of grey! It does look completely differently in your daughter's ADORABLE(!!) bedroom than it does on the dove and the stool. Thanks for sharing the paint name and brand with us... I'll definitely check it out!

    ~ Jo :)

  10. P.S. I LOVE Dore's artwork as well... can't wait to see what you do with the sign! :)

  11. I love Ben Moore paints...it's all I use too...and the nursey looks fabulous painted that color.

  12. You are so incredibly talented!!! The nursery is gorgeous...love it!

  13. So much pretty in one post. That paint color looks fantastic - I'm going to check it out! I LOVE your daughters nursery! The ceiling is fantastic and all the color on the bedding! You are so creative!

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  15. What is the ceiling color in the nursery that goes so well with Gray Mirage?

    1. I believe this color is BM dark teal 2053-20

  16. Beautiful nursery. I love the teal color on the ceiling. What is it?


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