Saturday, February 12, 2011

Retro Pink Bathroom Makeover

Never Fear! I am still here!

I have been enjoying some time away from blog land and focusing time on my family and some home projects. This bathroom project being one of them! 

Now when we bought our century home, this bathroom was such an eye soar...yes pepto bismal pink toilet, sink, and non-functioning bathtub! Ugh! Tile....tile...and more, gray, and teal...and did I say DIRTY!!!

Here are the BEFORE  pics...sorry I only have 2! I was too lazy to take more!

After 3 years of living here and having 2 plumbers say the tub would not drain unless we had new pipes installed....which meant a total regut...a thought popped into my mind (totally a God thing) to try DRANO! And wouldn't you know....that was all it took! 

Now I am fortunate to have 2 girls, so we decided to make this retro pink look work.  So now instead of a $1500 + makeover, this update only cost me $150! Praise the Lord! This is a blessing when you have sooooo many expensive upkeep projects in an older home!

So here is a breakdown of the 12 clever and thrifty ways we took to avoid a total regut. Now this a cheery place for the girls to bathe and beautify themselves!

1. Remove 3! of the FIVE towel bars from inside the shower stall! Now we have some room! Oh, and caulk the holes and paint the caulk gray to match the tiles.
2. Paint the upper  dismal gray walls  and ceiling "white" to brighten the space (no sun on this side of the house).
3. Paint the nasty dirty discolored grout with white latex paint with a tiny paint brush....very tedious, but worth every hour of labor!
 4. Paint the horribly corroded sink faucet with chrome spray paint....YES! You can paint faucets! It does look a bit fake...but at least you want to touch it now!
5. Paint the silver light fixtures white.
6. Paint the nasty silver edge around the vanity mirror white.
7. Paint the nasty dirty pink and teal floor tile bright gloss white....YES! You can paint tile!
8. Add in bright shades of pink, green, and white fabric to counter act the pepto bismal pink! All the fabrics I used I already had!
9. Velcro on a sink skirt to hide the ugly metal sink legs and side bars.
10. Velcro on a fabric skirt to hide an ancient and hazardous wall heater (and tape the on off switch so it can't get bumped!)
11. Add bath toys, a drain catcher, and spout protector!
 12. Remove the old nasty pink toilet seat and replace with a new white "child-friendly" toilet seat! Great invention!

So there you have it! The final project in here is to pretty up the inside of the medicine cabinet! More on that project later!

Thanks for not giving up on me!! Blessings and thanks for visiting!!


  1. So glad you posted the makeover! It's beautiful, and I especially love all the tips. Elianna and Abigail have a divine bathroom! Yay!

  2. Great makeover working around the existing pink! Perfect for sweet little girls!

  3. Perfect bath for the princesses!

    I love your new header too!

  4. It's beautiful. And thanks for sharing the steps you took to transform it. Praise the Lord for guiding your thinking through the process of finding solutions!

    Mom S

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