More About Me

First I would like to share with you
my wonderful family God has Blessed me with...
and then I will share more About Me below.

Me...Lisa Ann
Here is our latest little guy born Jan. 2!

William Truett

Eliana Grace
And our grown up daughter!

Abigail Grace

And my Husband and Best Friend
whom I Love with All My Heart!

William Robert...(Bill) with his 2 Sweethearts
Okay...More About Me...

How Old are You? 

Where were you born?
...I was born and raised in Ohio.
I have lived in Ohio all my life
except for the brief time Bill and I
lived in Iowa while he attended Grad School.

What is (was) your Career?
...I have a Medical Assisting Degree and have worked
for a gastroenterologist, a gynecologist, a dentist,
and an eye doctor!

Where do you currently work?
...My current full time job is to be at home
to raise our 3 beautiful children.
I am also restoring/redecorating our century home
any spare minute I get!

If you could do it over, what career would you have chosen?
...For sure...Interior Design!

What is your dream job?
To open my own Shoppe and sell new and vintage finds as well
as my transformed painted furniture!

What is your favorite color?
....I have 2...slate blue and antique white.

What do you like to decorate with?
...Birds, nests, salvage, vintage wares, antique furniture, anything French.

What do you collect or would like to collect?
...Small wooden stools, birds, vintage glass bottles, wine glasses, vintage quilts, ironstone dishes.

What would you call your decorating style?
...I would say a mix of Paris Apartment and European Style.

What inspires you?
...Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn Magazines and fellow decorating blogs.

What is your favorite fabric?

Where do you like to shop?
...Flea Markets, Antique Shops, Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, Home Goods

If you could move again, what kind of house would you live in?
...If I could start over again, I would find a beautiful piece of land with an open field to grow rows of lavender with paths in between to play in. There would be a big weeping willow tree in the back yard and the edge of the property would be surrounded by lots of trees and a small brook. I would want to build a new white 2 story cottage style home but with loads of woodwork and character...I would build it to look old! There would be white picket fence out front. I would have a breakfast room with a wall of windows facing my lavender gardens. There would be a big beautiful barn on the property for hosting family gatherings and Barn Sales! Oh, and a fishing pond, too! Okay...I will stop now!

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