Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burlap Coffee Sacks

I am in love with burlp grain sacks.

After getting my hands on 2 coffee bags (which still had a few leftover beans in them!), I got busy with a few projects!

I recovered one of my chair pads, hung one up as a wall hanging in my dining room, and then sewed up a pillow for my outdoor bench!

Before I used them, I tried washing them twice in the washer with detergent and fabric softener, and then dried them in the dryer with a softening sheet. This helped soften the fabric a bit and got rid of most of that annoying burlap lint!

Just a little tip...wash these by themselves and not with other laundry!!
Oh, and you can iron them, too!


  1. I love how you used these! Beautiful!


  2. Glad to hear there's a way to clean and soften that scratchy old burlap. Thanks for sharing your technique and tips, sis!

  3. Wonder what your dining table would look like with a vintage table cloth or sheet over it for a breezy summer look??? Maybe it would compete with the rug, though...

  4. Adding a tablecloth just might ground the middle of the room a bit! Not sure that I have one, but will play! Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. I love the look, gorgeous! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. These are amazing! Wow, I really do love them, great job. :-)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


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