Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Master Bedroom Part 2

Okay gals...here is Part 2 of the Master Bedroom!  If you missed Part 1, click here!
The bed linens are clean...
Ahhh...I love the feel of crisp, clean sheets! 
It is really beginning to come together and I have yet to spend a dime! 
I am also happy to inform you 
that there will be a Master Bedroom Part 3! But before I can post Part 3, I need your help! 
I need some of your brainstormed ideas on what to put above my headboard as a focal point.  
I was thinking some sort of salvage piece...but would love to hear what you might come up with! 
I will also be replacing the light fixture with a revamped chandelier I found on Craig's List for  $15! 
It just needs a bit of a makeover...more on that to come!

I will be linking up with Faded Charm this week for White Wednesday!
For now, have a great rest of the week!
Oh, and sorry to ruin the moment, but I just had to leave you two "BEFORE" shots of the master bedroom...this was taken before we bought our home...not my furniture or doings!!! Ugly GREEN, green, and more green...UGH!


  1. Sublime! Oh so restful and peaceful and GORGEOUS. Seriously. I got sleepy just looking at the pictures :)

  2. Gorgeous! Sooo many things would look good over your bed! Huge clock...one of those seriously chippy shelves like the PB one,big black and white sketch....What a wonderful room to retreat to.

  3. this may not be what works, but i have really pretty gray plates over my bed. or you could use a bird picture, maybe a canvas piece? or some of those sayings that transfer to the wall.( ex. always kiss me goodnight or your favorite scripture verse.)oh, and i could see you using those large art transfer's that have the branch with the bird on it. i'm sure you will find just the right piece!
    jen b.

  4. just another thought, an old door or shutters with "chippy" paint. placed horizontal with wire from one end to the other, with clips for displaying photos. wedding, birds, ect.
    just so many things you could do!! have fun!
    jen b.

  5. Love your room, it looks so romantic!

  6. Everything is so pretty. You have to tell me a little about all of your bed linens. I love the look.o

  7. Pretty and calm. Maybe you could display a collection of ironstone plates or platters above the bed?


  8. Oh, this room turned out just gorgeous. Don't you just love it? I thought I had put you on my sidebar, but I guess not.....I'm going to do it right now.

    Loving your blog!


  9. WOW! That is quite a transformation! Your bed looks so beautiful and cozy!

  10. Once again...Gorgeous! What talent. Yes, as stated B4 - I'm sure you'll find the perfect focal piece. A thought...How' bout an arrangement of empty frames? Have fun ;)

  11. STUNNING! Absolutely Beautiful! I'm REALLY loving the chandelier pillow. You've really captured a calm, relaxing and peaceful feeling in your space!

  12. Gorgeous!

    One thing I'm in the process of doing is taking an old, multi-paned window and placing vintage botanical prints in each pane. I'm going to hang that over our couch, but it would look great over a bed, too.

    Whatever you do, I'm sure it'll look wonderful!

  13. Looks wonderful ~ every bit!! How about a big old frame over the bed with a collection of vintage mirrors inside?

  14. Thanks gals for all of your wonderful ideas! Please keep them coming! I may have to experiment with a few different ideas!

  15. Wow-when can I come for a visit-so dreamy!

  16. Oh my goodness Sweetie...this is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the little romantic vignettes, and pooling of the cover at the foot of the bed. This belongs in a decor mag.

  17. What a fabulous transformation... gorgeous! Your bed looks so inviting... love the linens! I LOVE using vintage windows for large wall displays, or salvaged architectural pieces. Can't wait to see what you do with the space above your bed and that chandy!
    Have a great day,
    ~ Jo :)

  18. Hooray! I've found another renovation blog! I love seeing how other people are doing up their houses.

    We've finished completely renovating Master bedroom too. If you fancy a peek, then do pop over.

    Your blog looks lovely. I'm your new follower!

  19. Hi Lisa! Your room looks amazing! What a beautiful transformation! Please pop over to my blog and tell me about your linens. They are so very pretty the way you've draped them! Are they linen? While you're there, check out a recent post of mine re: a headboard idea for your bed. I used a salvaged vintage fireplace surround for ours! :) Happy WW to you!!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  20. What a difference from before! I love the soft dreamy whites on the bed....it looks so inviting! And beautiful! I love the pillow with the chandelier on it!
    Happy WW!

  21. I just love it girl! I feel like I am reading one of my favorite magazines and see this beautiful peaceful room in it. Of course I would also go back to it to see if there was inspiration I could take with me!

    Better than any magazine room, truly it speaks to me.


    Off to painting :)

  22. This is the prettiest room! The headboard is beatiful, every detail!

  23. What an amazing transformation!
    Just gorgeous! Love the stenciled walls..and the bedding looks soooo cozy and comfy...and theirs gonna be a part 3! I can't wait!

  24. the garland you asked about is made by Polly, of Counting your Blessings (French Cupboard owner) and she's selling them at the barn sale here!
    thanks for your compliment! I'll pass it on to her...

  25. Beautiful job. So serene. I love that pottery barn mantle type ledge that they place lots of candles on. That could be an option for over the bed. I'm funny about over the bed though - I always think something is going to fall on me!

  26. I noticed you don't have any natural elements....plants, maybe grey or other muted colored butterflies would look beautiful, single frames and about four or five of them


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