Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Transitioning to Summer (Our Previous Home)

For me, Memorial Day rings in the start of summer and of course the need to rearrange-again! After my sister Melissa and I found this awesome pair of wooden boat oars at Perfectly Charming, I just had to do a nautical theme in the family room. After adding some different toss pillows, shells, and lanterns, the look came together. What I love most about this room is my candle display in the fireplace. The room feels so comfortable and summery when all the candles are lit! I also changed the office around a bit and added in a map theme. I just can't seem to stay away from blue!


  1. Wow, I am so glad we spotted those boat oars at Perfectly Charming. They look really great in your room! What a soothing fresh feeling your family room has. Just makes you want to open up the windows and let the breeze in.

  2. Hi Lisa, how is the move going? Have you moved yet? Like your home, I am almost done with all my rooms and themes. I have to finish my chocolate bathroom with blue and brown accents. Hope you and Bill are doing well, I know Amy is thrilled to have you back home! Take care! Jen Bozman

  3. Moving is slow going right now. We have not had any bites on our current home. We hope to be in the Youngstown area by August so Abigail can start school. We are asking everyone to pray our house sells ASAP!! I would love to see pics of your finished rooms Jen!!

  4. Hello, Hey I'd love to send my pic's. Like you I am always redecorating,epsecially now that I am off for the summer months.I will send them,oh could you give me your e-mail address again? I just wish I had a better camera so my pic's could be as nice as yours. Love your home! Take care and we will be praying. I can relate!


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