Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Linen Closet

This little linen closet tucked at the end of my upstairs hallway is probably one of my favorite things about this house!

I love the detailing on the paneled door and the vintage hardware! The inside is just adorable, too...but someday when the closet is clean and organized...I will show you the inside!!

Maybe that will be my next project??!!


  1. Hello Lisa, it is so nice to meet you in blog land. I found you via Morning T- I am Colette from laBrocanteuse. I love your blog and will add you to my favorites def. the linen closet- oh my goodness just fantastic!! I close my eyes and just imagine.... I also love the stamped napkin -clever girl!

  2. Your blog is breathtaking! I have had a little peek around and I am hooked;)!

    I became a follower and will be adding you to my blogroll!


  3. Love that door and the detail added with the type. The wallpaper looks so pretty too!


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