Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Shot at Photo Editing

AFTER ...Click Photo to Enlarge

Photo editing is all the rage these days in the blogging world. You can really make your photos look professional with a little bit of time and a good editing program.  A decent camera, lots of natural lighting, and a good eye also helps! 
I am no expert by any means.... but I got inspired to try Picasa's 
editing program...because it is FREE and we already had it downloaded on our computer with our pictures already stored in the Picasa Library! This post by Anne from Fiona and Twig (you must take a visit to her charming blog) is what got me started in all of this!
You can add text ( I was thrilled to find an easy way to add my watermark!) and also link directly to Picnik to do even more free editing and best of resizing.  Here is my first shot at this. I used a photo I took of my lovely daughter, Eliana. Tell me what you think!



  1. I'm going to have to check this out. My problem is too many projects not enough time!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Such a Beautiful Baby!

  2. she's a doll, my niece is! i could've showed you how to do that watermark, you know! ;0

  3. Thank you for the info...I will have to look into this.
    Your daughter is precious!

  4. Looks so good and your daughter is adorable! I can't wait to get a little extra time and play around with photo editing too! Right now I just end up taking a million pictures and then just pick one!

  5. What a cutie! I've never used Picasa but Picnik is definately my friend! How did you wash your picture out so nicely?

  6. To get this white washed effect, I adjusted the fill light and the temperature. I also added the glow feature and added some highlights!

  7. your little one is beautiful!
    jen bozman

  8. Hi there...great job on photo editing. Funny, I did a post about a better camera two days ago, coz my photos are embarrassing sometimes. But I also edit my photos. Luv your little vignette in your dressing room...sooo romantic looking. Happy Friday.

  9. I think your photo of your adorable daughter turned out great!! I am going to have to check out these photo editing tools (Lord knows I need some help). ;) Love your blog! You are so lucky to have all those cool vintage characteristics in your home!! =)


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