Monday, September 20, 2010


Here are a few...I mean a WAGON FULL of Hydrangeas
my sweet and generous neighbor let me cut from her
GORGEOUS hydrangea shrubs that bloomed the most
amazing bright blue blooms this past summer.
Does anyone know how to successfully dry these? 
If so, I would love for you to share any tips or tricks 
to help preserve these beauties!
***News Flash!! ***
I may not be writing as often over the next 2 or 3 weeks 
as I am preparing for the OKTOBERFEST craft show
  held Sunday, October 3rd, at Boardman Park.  I will be selling lots of 
hand sewn and hand crafted items 
related to the fall and Christmas seasons.  
I will plan to take lots of pictures of my booth to share with you!
And please be patient with me as I am anxious to still add 
the finishing touches to my Master Bedroom!
I plan to post Part 3 the first part of October! 
Until then...Blessings my sweet readers!

Oh, just found THIS great website for any of you who are interested
in how to dry hydrangeas naturally!


  1. What a treasure! I have dried a few just by hanging them upside down. Hopefully someone else will know the best way to preserve these amazing blooms! Good luck on your show!

  2. Hey girl!
    I have found the best way is to put them in vases just like you normally would...They hold their shape better and reatin alot of their color!
    I love the wagon full!
    It is an amazing shot!
    I can't wait to see what you are going to do with them!

  3. Love hydrangeas and your neighbor is the best ever for letting you cut so many!!! Have fun decorating with them :)

  4. How nice of your neighbor!
    If I leave mine on the bush until mid-fall, then cut them, they stay beautiful and hold their shape indefinately.

  5. What brilliant photos!

    You weren't joking about a wagon-full of hydrangeas!

    They are beautiful.

    A good tip to dust them when they are on display is to hold the vacuum cleaner near them. The dust flies offand leaves them unscathed.
    Well,that's the theory, anyway. In practice, you have to work out how near is too near! I have crossed this line once or twice!!

  6. Hi Lisa!
    WOW... look at ALL of those gorgeous hydrangea blooms!! they look so pretty just like that, I would hate to take them out of that wagon... gorgeous!
    I'm glad to see you found a website that shows you how to dry hydrangeas... that should help. :)
    Thanks for sharing the link with us.
    Have a great time at the Oktoberfest and hope you sell lots of your fabulous crafts!
    See you when you get back!
    ~ Jo :)

  7. lucky are you??? You could hang dry them and they will last forever! Your little girl is so cute with her red wagon :)

  8. Beautiful! I can't believe that you got so many! Great pic. Have fun for the next couple weeks! We will miss you!

  9. those look great...and yes..I learned how to do mine a few years ago from an aunt...but thanks!!

  10. You lucky girl!!! Those are gorgeous! And thanks for the heads up on the drying..I've been wondering how it was done!!

    And just wanted to let you know i featured you on my blog today! Hope you don't mind!
    Good luck with everything for the Oktober Fest!!

  11. Hey girl!
    Love the wagon with the hydrangeas in them, would make a great fall display on a porch with white pumpkins clumped together around the wagon.

    you are a girl after my creative soul!!
    PS. I am trying to come up with some fall, not quite inspired by it yet, but I think you may have ROMANCED IT FOR ME !


    come see my latest sign, I have added bird poetry to the post!


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