Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Oktoberfest...A Closer Look at My Booth

Well the weather was NOT on my side last Sunday at the Oktoberfest.
A dark 6am and 40 DAMP degrees is not
the most fun way to set up a booth!

But the customers that braved the dampness, rain, and cold still came in for a peak!

Sorry, we did not get a shot of me in my booth!
But all the day long
my wonderful faithful trooper and helper (my husband)
fetched us hot tea, hot chocolate, and hot soup throughout the day
as I tried get feeling back into my toes (I never did until we got home!)

There was a purchase here and there!

What thrilled me the most about the day was all of the wonderful
and positive comments on how beautiful everyone thought my booth was..

"a breath of Fresh Air"..."very different"..."restful on the eyes"..."everything is displayed so lovely"..."so beautifully decorated in a monochromatic color scheme"..."it looks like a store"..."you have beautiful items"... and so continued the comments...

Hearing those compliments was just as satisfying as selling something! 

Sales were okay, but the weather kept a damper on people's spending.

This was a good test to see which items were highly desired...

The winner of the most oohs and ahhs by FAR was the coffee filter wreath! It drew everyone in! If I had made a bunch of those, I would have done extremely year...maybe...maybe not!
Too bad it was not indoors!

Here is a closer look.

Everyone also liked the wreath with the tied strips of canvas fabric...again...
should have made MORE!!

The booth to the right is generally the type of booth you see at this event...
But I wanted to offer something different for a change!

I did have some stock left over, so if you see anything that catches your eye,
please contact me!

Now on to finishing the master bedroom project and a paint makeover for the front parlor! I will post photos as soon as I make some progress! Also to come will be some peaks of my home decorated for fall!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. So beautiful, Lisa! So glad you received positive feedback!

  2. Your booth looked beautiful, Lisa! Sorry to hear the weather wasn't cooperating. :( I love those little ghosts in the first picture... really cute!
    Have a good night!
    ~ Jo :)

  3. Your booth looks so inviting! You displayed your items so well and they were all so beautifully made!

  4. Lisa,
    I am so happy for you! I know how difficult these shows can be and YES! Your space is darling!
    I see several things I would have brought home!
    I hope you got a chance to warm up a bit!
    I can't wait to see you in a few weeks! (Are you still coming?)
    Take care...hugs my friend,

  5. I think your booth looks amazing. I would have definitely stopped there first and lingered for a long time. Sorry about the weather.

    Okay, send me a personal email and tell me how much the Christmas pillows are. They are so neat.

  6. Adorable! I love it! Too bad about the weather - but it is good to hear you made a good impression on the shoppers. If they are anything like me - they will remember you and look for you again next year!

  7. I'm typing this with lots of little blisters from makin that big ole
    I wish I could run into a booth like yours..that pic of your booth and the other one...In my area its ALWAYS the other booth that I see!
    sorry to hear about the crappy weather!


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