Tuesday, October 19, 2010

White Pumpkins and Hydrangeas

Remember all of those lovely hydrangeas my neighbor so generously let me snip last month?
Well I got out my ivory spray paint and went to work! I am not a big fan of green and purple (which most of the flowers were when I cut them to dry) so I gave them a shot of ivory to soften their color. The neat thing about this is that they turned out almost a shade of silver sage...which is my favorite color by Benjamin Moore! Since I am trying to incorporate this color throughout my home, I thought I would share how I did this in conjunction with white pumpkins for the fall season!
Happy October!

(I will share more about my shot at this paper garland next post 
along with another way to use old books!)


  1. Gorgeous photo's as always. The hydrangea's with the Spanish moss and white pumpkins in the galvanized buckets - love how that all works together! I'm also loving the torn up old books and crafts with old books. I've been stocking up here myself!

  2. I love the hydrangea topiary. I happen to love blue and purple blooms but that was very clever of you to paint the flowers. I can't believe they didn't fall apart! Pretty pics! Come visit me, I'm having a giveaway.


  3. The hydrangeas look beautiful, loved seeing them with the white pumpkins. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'd never have thought of spraying them but I like that idea.

    They look so great with the zinc and the old papers.


  5. Wow. I so love my visits here. Your styling is superb! The hydrangeas are stunning with the spritz of creamy color.

    So much beauty here....

  6. Loving that bucket with the sweet white pumpkin!! I love coming to visit!!

  7. So pretty! I am loving that paper garland. Can't wait to see more. You did a great job on your hydrangea's. The decor is all great.

  8. I love your white pumpkins.

    Everything is so lovely. :-)

  9. i love my white pumpkins too!! i have them on chunky white candle holders.
    jen b

  10. I love the combination of white pumpkins and hydrangeas, too. You've come up with some beautiful vignettes! I love the one in your LR with the vintage scale and galvanized bucket... sooo pretty!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)

  11. Your wallpaper is so pretty!



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