Wednesday, November 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Don't you just love it when you unintentionally stumble upon the PERFECT thing you WEREN'T even looking for?!! When I walked into the local Goodwill Store last weekend (not intending to buy a Christmas Tree!), this beauty illuminated my soul! It immediately stood out as the perfect tree for our entryway! It was perfectly tall, skinny, and vintage looking all at the same time! It had gold and white garland like looking branches. This was a perfect match to our century wallpaper and the perfect height and width to fit the room without getting in the way! This will surely become our new tradition in our home to decorate our entryway with this gorgeous tree! LOVE IT!!


  1. I love the tree and it looks great in your entryway.


  2. It is gorgeous! So is your wallpaper!! Looks stunning!!

  3. I love the size of these trees. they add everything and take away nothing. It looks amazing.

  4. just found your this tree and it is perfect for your home....also LOVE your home, the colors, wallpaper, furnishings etc....makes me smile, Linda

  5. just found your this tree and it is perfect for your home....also LOVE your home, the colors, wallpaper, furnishings etc....makes me smile, Linda

  6. looks sooo lovely there!! PERFECT size, tall and skinny!! Love the french doors with their wreaths and your petite chandie ~ it's all so very magical:)
    xo, Rosemary

  7. perfect! I would have snagged it too!!!

  8. I agree... it's perfect for that spot! It looks beautiful! ~ Jo :)

  9. Absolutely perfect...what a wonderful welcome into your home!

  10. i think you should have a tree in every room! your home is so lovely, it'd be neat to see what you could come up with!
    jen b.

  11. Hi Sweet Lisa...your tree is wonderful! What a great welcome to your home for the holidays.
    I'm lovin' your music too.

  12. What a great looks like it was made for that spot.

  13. Hello Lisa,
    Oh my what a beauty, I really go for the tall skinny one's or the ones that are tall and weep with such sadness, leaving very little room to decorate due to the lack of branches.

    I am going to post a homemade wire tree after my giveaway! so Please come over and comment for a chance to win the "GIVEAWAY!"

    See you soon
    Holiday love

  14. LIsa!!

    Make sure you come back over random times and leave (2) more comments to assure a chance to win...I cannot add the count of postings, it is generated by a random counter. So do come back so yours will count !!

    I just won a beautiful giveaway! will be so excited to get it and post the beauty of creative spirit.

    Peace girl!!

    Wish I were a Christmas Caroler at your vintage home this Christmas eve...I just know you would have Hot Coco and beautiful cookies:)

    Waiting to see more beauty in your SANCTUARY home!

  15. Oh I love it Lisa! I saw one of these over the weekend and it so reminded me of my grandmother.


  16. I've just completely fallen in love with your hallway. It's stunning. I love the arch especially. Lucky you!!



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