Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Make a Wish

 I thought I would share a peak of some crafty things I have been working on
for Abigail's 8th Birthday Party!  Sorry this post is so "bright"! Ha! 
But you know how little girls are...they love bright, fun colors!

Usually I have a theme all planned out, 
but this year we are just going with cupcakes and hearts, 
since Valentine's Day is around the corner!  
Abigail is having her first
sleepover with 2-3 gals. We are going for low key and just some good girl fun!

This is a Game of Pin the Candle on the Cupcake that I sewed up! 
Andi at Jane of All Crafts came up with this adorable idea!
She even has a tutorial! I modified mine just a bit, but it looks 
very similar to Andi's.

I am thrilled to have a game we can reuse 
for many years for both our girl's birthday parties!

I highly recommend this easy project if you know how to sew straight lines! And with felt, you don't have to worry about sewing things right sides together and turning them right side out...everything is just top stitched and you can trim up the edges all nice and neat with scissors! You could probably even get away with not sewing at all if you have a hot glue gun...but I like the charm of the quilted effect with threads showing and plus it has extra special love to go with it because Mommy sewed it!

With the leftover felt from the cupcake banner, 
I made felt wrist purses for the girls to decorate with glitter paint pens at the party.
They will be filled with lots of goodies! And yes, I sewed up those little heart pillows, too!

Thank you all for taking time out to visit me! Your comments mean so much!


  1. These girls will have the best time! Everything looks beautiful and perfectly sweet, Lisa!

  2. Adorably bright and cheerful! They are sure to have so much fun!


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