Monday, July 26, 2010


A Vintage Classic peeking out of the garage...
pull that beauty out...
details that can't be matched...
red, red, and more red...
dad's '58 Chevy Impala...
ready for a cruise...
chrome to the nines...
oh baby...
off with a varroom!
My Dad loves old cars. In his retired years he has finally given into one of his passions...
...owning a classic car!

He and my mom enjoy taking his car to local car shows during the summer.

He takes very good care of this red beauty and sure knows how to make it shine!


  1. Oh yeah, dad's got a new toy! Bet he's counting the days until the next classic car show. Those kids are gonna remember cruisin' in papa's red car for sure! Makes me think about the Beach Boys and drive-in movies, ahhh the good old days...

  2. That one would surely make me do a double-take if I passed it on the street. And I'm not even an old car fan. Gorgeous photos.

  3. Hello! Love your Dad's car. I'm from Michigan and with the auto industry we really like our cars. Just was at a little car show in Grand Haven and I am looking forward to one in Rochester. There is a car that I kind of stalk each year. '69 Camaro Rally Sport! Have your parents been to the Woodward Dream Cruise? It is a lot of fun!

  4. Love that red impala! Do you get to drive it?

  5. That Car is the Bomb! Sweet Perfection for sure, my kind of car.

    Thanks for the visit, welcome always.I look forward to blogging with you~Enjoy Kim

  6. I have not actually driven this car... I think I would be a bit intimidated!! I am also not sure dad would hand over the keys!! Ha! My parents have not been to the Woodward Dream this event in Michigan? When is the event?? Thanks for all the wonderful comments, and I look forward to blogging with all of you wonderful, talented, ladies!

  7. Great pics! I'm glad your dad has given dad did the same thing recently. He retired and bought a classic car (1970's Chevelle SS). he does the car shows, too. You're right, it's good for them.

  8. *drool* *sigh*
    My DREAM car!! Wow!

  9. That car would be anyones dream car. How lucky he is. That is a real classic. I would love it even at my age.

  10. VROOOM! That's one gorgeous car! How fun!

    Happy Rednesday,

  11. Beautiful, cool car !

  12. Your dad's red Chevy Impala is a rare car...
    My husband has had over 100 vehicles from the time he was 17...and in all the car shows we have been to, I have never seen such an exceptional car as your Dad's. He is one lucky man!
    I am in California so my hubby and I go to lots of car shows here.
    Your Eliana is precious beyond words! What a treasure she is! And what a beautiful name!
    Teresa S. on Cloth and Clay ning site
    Dolls! Dolls! and more Dolls! Come join!


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