Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Few Pretty Finds

A sweet little vignette of found Treasures
I adore this little white porcelain Bunny Rabbit
So many possibilities for this beautiful perfectly blue and gold Jewelry Box
I seem to be bringing a lot of these home lately...Silver Trays...this one may be used to display my Tags

I love the weekends....always full of yards sales, garage sales, rummage sales...

I have been cutting back a bit on my garage sale spending 

but I did spare $6 of my pocket change

for these few little pretties!


  1. Oh, I love love love that bunny, too!!!

  2. I can just imagine the wonderful pages in that old atlas book you picked up.

  3. All that for $6 bucks? You did good girl!


  4. Haven't gone on any decorating sprees lately,though the consignment shop has seen me quite a lot! Even started a little bit of consignmenting to help my shoppng sprees there. Since our condo is up for sale, I've got it pretty much put together, so trying not to change much. Love looking at the eye candy though on here. :)

  5. Wow...$6! I would gladly give up my latte for the day to find those goodies :) Thanks for dropping in on me....and btw the ruffle laundry bag is from Urban Outfitters!!
    Have a lovely week :D


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