Monday, August 2, 2010

Sail Away With Me

This past weekend I got to spend an amazing time with my husband's family 

as we camped and canoed. I was surprised to find out my 7 year old daughter 

is a natural at canoeing and had no fear considering this was the first time

ever she had been on a boat! I will be posting some canoe pictures soon!

But what caught my eye while we were enjoying the weekend

was the most adorable blue sailboat. 

The color was so shabby and beachy. I took a million pics! 

I decided someday I would love to own a sailboat just like that 

and dock it at my lake house and take it out 

when our children and grandchildren come to visit.

And oh, I will also own an old blue classic convertible, too! dream...still have a few years yet...well a lot of years!


  1. I like your dream, i love the pics, too, i hope you end up framing a few in your house! i heard all the kids had a blast. i'll be there next time. wasn't my cup of tea this weekend.

  2. What lake were you at? Looks very peaceful. My niece continues to surprise me, too, with her new-found braveness around water. Beautiful pics.

  3. It's a nice dream!! Dream on!

  4. Lisa your photos are just stunning!! I received my tags in the mail yesterday and they are fabulous~ thank you.

  5. Those pictures are so peaceful...and so pretty!!!

    Your blog is just lovely!!!

    :) T

  6. Love those pics! When you mentioned canoeing it makes me think of when I was little girl living in ohio camping with my grandparents!
    good memories!
    thanks for stopping by! to answer your question about my shower curtain...I've seen lots of people use dropcloths as regular curtains but never a shower curtain...I've used regular curtains for my shower curtain before so I thought it was a natural fit!

  7. Such serene pictures! LOVE the dock, and sailboat.


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